Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you put a coffee shop in a bank?

At the end of a long story, it’s simple.

  1. We want people to feel comfortable spending time at Richwood Bank and understand that having a relationship with your bank is very important. It’s not just checking accounts, it’s a partner to guide you through all financial aspects of your life. We are more than a transaction.
  2. We wanted kids, teens, young adults, parents, grandparents, etc. to come here and enjoy the atmosphere.
  3. We enjoy supporting more than 160 local organizations.
  4. People love great coffee!

How do I order coffee? What's the process?

Regular black coffee and decaf is always complimentary. That has always been and always will be.  Mugs are offered if you’d like to stick around, or we have to-go cup options if you are in a hurry.

If you’d like “fancier” drinks, such as a mocha latte, hazelnut Americana, ice cold white chocolate snow bank, smoothie or protein shake (we have more than 16 varieties!), we offer these options as a thank you when you donate to your choice of beneficiary listed.

Donations are deposited into individual accounts of the non-profit beneficiaries with customer specialists.

Our tiers of giving vary. The more you give, the more you receive as a thank you. We have reloadable coffee cards that we load with your ‘thank you’ drinks. You may also pay it forward and give the cards as gifts to friends or family.

To summarize:

  • Pick a non-profit and a donation tier
  • Customers or Non-customers can give cash donations to a customer specialist, or customers can have it transferred from your account to the non-profit’s account of your choice
  • Receive “thank you cups” based on your donation tier
  • Go to Richwood Coffee and order the drink of your choice
  • Feel great about helping your community and having an awesome drink

Where does my donation go?

Donations are deposited into individual accounts of the nonprofit beneficiaries with customer specialists. They receive 100% of the funds in those accounts.

What is Perks and Perks+?

Perks and Perks Plus were created to provide coffee convenience for our Richwood Bank customers.  If you have accounts with us and find yourself frequently salivating over our awesome coffee, we can set up an automatic withdrawal each month from your checking account so your Perks card automatically re-loads. This saves you time and money.

Depending on the size of your coffee appetite, you can choose two levels of withdrawals.

This bank program also offers more conveniences for your monthly fee. A travel mug gift set, monthly email offers and invitations to events before anyone else, a free personalized debit card and discounts on money orders.

Ask any customer specialist for more details and how to set up your account.

Can more nonprofit beneficiaries be added to the list?

Possibly in the future, but not at this time. We currently support more than 160 non-profit organizations in our six Richwood Bank branch communities. Six of our nine locations have Richwood Coffee in their lobbies.

If we open more coffee shops, we will invite specific non-profits in that community at that time. For current coffee shop branches, the tracking, organization and 100% payment transfers is quite an undertaking. We ask that at this time, all nonprofit partners and customers complete a sponsor donation request form on Richwood Bank’s website for their specific needs.