What does it mean to be a Beneficiary at Richwood Coffee?

Thank you for your interest in Richwood Coffee!  Our beneficiary docket is currently full.  Should you wish to be placed on the waiting list for review, please fill out the below application.  We evaluate beneficiaries on a quarterly basis and will reach out for further discussion should a position become available.

We thank you for your interest and understanding!

Being a partner with Richwood Bank has created the opportunity to be chosen as one of the Donation Spots in our coffee shop. With this innovative model, together we will be able to strengthen the support given to the community we both serve.

When selecting a beneficiary, we are looking for partners that have the same values as Richwood Bank.  Strong commitment to your community.  When Richwood Coffee was created the vision was to connect community and purpose.  Richwood Bank’s 150+ years of success was built on dedication to our communities. When we all grow, we all win!  In August of 2022 we reached $400,000 in donations since opening our first coffee shop in 2017.

Our coffee shops are located in our Richwood, Marysville, Delaware, Bellefontaine, and Springfield branches and coming soon in Plain City.

Beneficiaries must be a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

How does the coffee shop process work… for the public?

We like to say, “You can BANK on getting a good cup of coffee”…even if you’re not a Richwood Bank customer. Anyone can donate to our nonprofit beneficiaries and receive thank you cups in return.  It’s as easy as 1…2…3…4…

  1. A person visits one of our customer specialists at any of our coffee shop locations inside Richwood Bank.
  2. They decide how much they’d like to donate to one of our community beneficiaries.
  3. In return, they receive a gift card of “thank you” cup amounts that match their donation dollars
  4. They head over to the Richwood Coffee order window and choose a hot or cold drink of their choice.

How does the coffee shop process work…for our beneficiaries?

Your organization is listed as a donation spot in all coffee shop marketing, including our menu tv screens, brochures, website, and social media. We also periodically name-drop nonprofit organizations in radio advertising, such as local Pandora, and iHeart Radio. We will also provide you with a startup media kit to help you spread the word that you are a beneficiary.


Our partnership is reciprocal in generating traffic to your cause and increasing your donation totals. As a beneficiary, keeping Richwood Coffee as top of mind for your audience is imperative in growing your donation totals.


As a beneficiary, we will work together to create a plan with you on our partnership and how we promote one another, as well as the designation of the funds you receive. We will set goals with the expectation that your organization will increase community participation and successfully grow your donations above our minimum requirement of $300 per quarter.  While our waiting list for nonprofits to the program increase, we want to ensure all current beneficiaries are actively involved in influencing individuals and business owners to donate and use Richwood Coffee.

What happens to those proceeds?

100% of funds generated by donations to your specified organization will be transferred to your specified account. Your funds will be made available per terms of signed agreement.