Perks Program

Can’t get enough Richwood Coffee?
Let us help fuel your day!

Can’t get enough of Richwood Coffee?

The Perks Program is designed for our true coffee lovers; the ones who just NEED that cup o’ joe. Not only will you get your coffee fix, you will also get a lot of other great perks!

• WHY?

Richwood Coffee’s drinks are delicious but they aren’t the only perk! When you become a member of our Perks or Perks + program, you get thank you drinks awarded IN ADDITION to a host of other great benefits; free money orders, early invites to Richwood Bank events, and a FREE personalized debit card. Just to name a few.

• HOW?

Sign up for our Perks or Perks+ Membership to receive a special Coffee Card tied to the personal bank account of your choice. Your Perks Membership Card will also allow you to take advantage of all your other rewards at Richwood Bank.


You can sign up for a Perks Membership at any point during the month. On the 1st of every month your designated account will be charged the monthly fee and the drink amounts will be automatically loaded to your Coffee Card! Visit one of our coffee shop locations and one of our skilled Customer Specialists will get you all set up!


Signing up is easy! See a Richwood Bank Customer Specialist or ask a Richwood Coffee Employee for assistance. The process only takes about 5 minutes and you’ll walk out with your Perks Membership card loaded and ready for use.

Perks Program- Monthly Comparison Chart

 Join the Perks Program today!