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Thanks to the success of more than $40,000 dollars raised and more than 28,000 drinks served in our Richwood community, we are pleased to announce Richwood Coffee’s expansion into our Delaware branch (Spring 2017) and new Marysville location (Summer 2017).

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NU Schools Welcome Bully-Proofing Therapist to Richwood Coffee

February 27, 2017, 6:00pm

Richwood Coffee

North Union Schools invite you to attend their State of the Union board meeting this month with special event speaker Jim Bisenius. He will be presenting on how to Bully-proof our children, school and community. Introduction led by North Union Superintendent Rich Baird and middle school principal Matt Burggraf. You will learn and be encouraged to discuss: ∞ Verbal bullying ∞ Physical bullying ∞ Cyber bullying ∞ Bully-Proofing techniques ∞ How to stop bullying ∞ Facts about bullies ∞ Middle school update This is open to the public. We encourage parents, children, teachers and concerned community members to attend. Richwood coffee and refreshments will be provided. About therapist and presenter Jim Bisenius: Child and adolescent therapist Jim Bisenius is the founder and developer of Bully-Proofing Youth. After specializing in anti-bullying as a child and adolescent therapist, and directly working with over 400 kids who were targeting other students, and over 300 kids who were being targeted, Mr. Bisenius learned many behaviors that occur during bullying that are not widely understood by adults.

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Barbara TaynorWe need this in every school! Bullying needs to stop

13 hours ago   ·  1

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