Giving back…One cup at a time. It’s that easy to make a difference in your community.

At Richwood Coffee, we’ve made it as easy as 1…2…3…

  1. Visit our customer specialists and decide how much you’d like to donate to one of our community beneficiaries
  2. Receive a gift card of credits that match your donation dollars.
  3. Walk over to Richwood Coffee order window and choose a hot or cold drink of your choice with your credits.

That’s it! 100% of all donations received go directly to the community beneficiary to assist their initiatives to make Union and Delaware counties a better place.

What can one cup at a time do? The Village of Richwood together raised more than $46,000 for our partners in 2016. Imagine how much more we can do when we open in our Delaware (April 28th, 2017) and Marysville branches (Early Fall 2017)!

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“Love the free black coffee and the Buckeye Snowbank. The baristas are so friendly!”
“What a wonderful place. Everyone is so sweet!”
“Wonderful staff! Wonderful coffee!”
“I stop every chance I get. Love the ladies running the shop!”
“Very friendly, great environment!”

Delaware staff are pumped for Friday's Grand Opening of Richwood Coffee! We even installed a new pinball machine! ... Get your coffee fix with us on Friday, April 28 at our Delaware Branch. ...

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